Councils And Committees Of IDCC


Advisors is a forum to provide the advice to Council of Coordinators on alterations, improvements, temporary or permanent constructions and non-routine maintenance works requested by the member churches or by the IDCC for common purpose. This will include understanding organization objectives, processes, internal controls, and external regulations; identifying risk areas, design, construction, scope and schedule, The Project will meet the objectives and timelines of IDCC. The Project will be completed within budget etc…The Internal Auditors advices on financial and operational business activities, including its community governance. Internal auditors also provide evaluations of operational efficiencies and will usually report to the Council of Coordinators on how to improve the overall structure and practices of IDCC.

Mr. Biji K Thomas

Technical Advisor

Mr. Biju Koshy

Safety and Security Adviser
Ph: 5583 4922

IDCC Office Bearer

Mr. Shajilal Viswas

Maintenance Adviser
Ph: 5555 7148

IDCC Office Bearer

Mr. George Thomas

Internal Auditor
Ph: 5552 9463

IDCC Office Bearer

Mr. Joseph Jose

Joint Internal Auditor
Ph: 5585 7562

IDCC Office Bearer

Mr. Ajith P. James

Joint Technical Advisor
Ph: 5583 0487

IDCC Office Bearer

Mr. Lesly John

Joint Technical Advisor
Ph: 5518 6159